Thursday, April 26, 2012

Court and travel

As of Monday April 23 @ 0315 Detroit time, I am officially a mommy :)

After court, we left for our long car ride north to Korem.   I will post details and pics from the trip after I'm home, as for some reason I am unable to upload pics from my iPad.  It was such beautiful country; we literally drove on the mountainsides.   We got back a day early on Wednesday and realize how very nice the Sadula Lodge in Addis really is!  Some of the places we used the "bathroom" were shocking, and again, I realize how spoiled we are.   It is simply thru accident of birth that we live where we do and have what we have.

On that note, Kristina and I had massages this morning!  Super inexpensive by US standards.  We are visiting Amina once more this afternoon before we head home tomorrow.  I met two other single moms adopting from Michigan yesterday, very cool :)  Definite play dates in the future.   We did not have wireless on the plane ride(s) here, so I'm assuming we won't on the way back either.  We'll be home Saturday morning Detroit time.  Stay tuned for lots of photos.

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